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My Story

When I moved to France back in 2014 I didn't have a set plan on where I would work. My husband and I moved to Metz to be close to Luxembourg where I would hope to find an English speaking job. With an engagement, wedding, and the birth of Millie all in 2015 I decided to focus on a healthy pregnancy and travel around the world with Mika before we became a family. In 2016 I decided I needed to work, but also couldn't bear the thought of being away from our precious French fry and spending hours on a train commuting from one country back to France every single day. I joined an English speaking moms in France group where I met my Scentsy sponsor. I was thrilled at the thought of working for an American company while living in France AND getting to stay at home with Millie. My husband and I have enjoyed selling Scentsy to all of our friends and family as Scentsy has products for both men, women, and children. I have now built a team in both France and in Texas and I have been awarded top seller in France countless times, numerous trainer awards and my teammates have accomplished these awards as well. Message me today and I would love to send you a free information pack! Feel free to join my FB group Scentsy avec Amy or email me at